*New for the end of 2015*

Treasured Tails are happy to now offer doggy day care!

We are really excited about starting this side of the business in conjunction with our already established pet boarding service.

We are in the process of building a compact but hopefully fun play area in our garden. Our new hut and run will be great for clipping on leads for walks and for bringing messy pups back to get cleaned up and dried off if the usual Scottish weather gets the better of us! Added to that it will be a social space filled with toys and bean bags and dynamic doggy things to do.

This space will be utilised for play time but in addition your dog is of course more than welcome to come inside and chill out with us, kicking back for a bit of leisure time in his/her bed or for a spot of sofa surfing with the humans.

We plan to keep our numbers small for doggy day care so it maximises our interaction with your dog, and also because most weeks we will have home boarders staying, so we need to ensure there is enough attention to go round. As such we would invite enquiries from owners whose dogs are sociable. Trial days are always welcome!

Weekend day care is also available so please feel to enquire about available spaces.

Happy dogs make us happy too!